Sandbag Training with Josh Henkin’s Ultimate Sandbag™

A sandbag is just a sandbag, right?  You may believe that until you meet up with Josh Henkin, creator of the Ultimate Sandbag ™.  The Ultimate Sandbag ™ is a great tool to have in your arsenal, whether you train average Joes or Elite Athletes.  I found this out for myself over 2 days when I took part in Josh’s LIFT 1 certification at Peak Performance Gym in NYC (LIFT stands for Loaded Integrated Functional Training).

Shortly after introducing himself, Josh said, “It is not a question of IF you will get injured, but WHEN.”  Josh found this out first-hand as a basketball player in college.  After recuperating from an injured ankle, he ended up injuring his back, which ended his basketball career.  As someone who trained with weights since he was young, traditional barbell exercises which loaded the back were no longer an option.  Josh needed to figure out a way to continue to train, but without putting undue stress on his back.  Enter the Ultimate Sandbag ™!!!

Unlike a barbell which loads the back, a sandbag can be held in a bear hug position relieving compression which is normally experienced when squatting with a barbell.  The load varies based on the position of the sandbag.  The easiest is the bear hug position and the most difficult is the overhead position.  Because it doesn’t take up much space, the Ultimate Sandbag ™ can travel with you and, unlike a barbell which needs to be loaded and unloaded, the Ultimate Sandbag ™ allows you to perform maximum work in minimal time.  It can be used by novices all the way up to advanced lifters and it can be used in conjunction with TRX Suspension Trainer for added challenge.

Josh Henkin performs a Bear Hug Good Morning with the Ultimate Sandbag™

So, what’s so great about this Sandbag?  Anyone can create a sandbag with minimal cost by using an Army duffle bag, play sand and duct tape.  While this is an option, it is only a temporary solution.  For anyone who has tried this, myself included, sand ends up finding its way through the bag and when it eventually gives way, the cleanup is not pretty.  Furthermore, a homemade sandbag does not have handles so, you are limited in the number of exercises you can perform.  What makes the Ultimate Sandbag ™ different?  It has an air-tight Velcro sealed bag on the inside so sand doesn’t go everywhere, it is made of durable waterproof nylon, it has rubber grip handles which are easy to grasp and allow for a variety of explosive exercises to be performed AND it is made in the USA!

The grips on the Ultimate Sandbag ™ allow for the performance of various rotational & explosive exercises and because the weight is centered, between your hands rather than outside your shoulders (like a barbell), Olympic lifts and other technical exercises are much easier to perform (snatch, cleans, etc.).  Should you throw away your squat rack and barbell set? NO!  If you want to perform a lot of work in a short period of time, I would highly recommend the Ultimate Sandbag ™.  It is great for working the Core and building Trunk stabilization.  I like utilizing it to perform complexes or circuits because I don’t have to run back and forth b/w weights or machines and I can easily transition from one exercise to the next.

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Josh Henkin is a graduate of Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Physical Education and was a member of the Men’s Basketball Team. Coach Henkin is the owner of Innovative Fitness Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag ™.




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