The Most Important Quality to Have is INTENSITY

Webster’s Dictionary defines intensity as, “extreme degree of strength, force, energy or feeling”.

The Single most important quality to possess to get the results you desire is intensity.   There is NOTHING that will amplify your results more or help you achieve them faster than having an insane amount of intensity.  Perhaps you are thinking, what about steroids?  I can pump you with all of the steroids you want, but if you don’t train, you won’t achieve results.  Intensity is directly connected to mindset and while both can be worked on, having them from the start will help you achieve any goal you desire.

Arnold trained with INTENSITY!!!

I have 2 clients which are the epitome of the word Intensity.  In their own words, client A was “at death’s door”.  They had bone cancer and had been declared cancer free a year ago.  When they train with me, I have never had to tell them to “push through” or “dig deep”.  I actually have to tell them to stop b/c they will keep going if I don’t.  When you have seen your life flash before your eyes, you will live with a level of intensity like no other.  Client B has achieved tremendous results and it is all do to their intensity.  They actually told me that going through childbirth was easier than training with me, now THAT is intensity.  The funny thing is that THEY determine the intensity, not me.  I can only do so much though, intensity comes from within.  I can tell the client to push through and dig deep, I can refer them to their goal which they want to achieve, but without the intensity, we are wasting each other’s time.

Do YOU live life with intensity?

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2 Responses to “The Most Important Quality to Have is INTENSITY”

  • Excellent publish. I just now located your blog site plus needed to mention that I’ve genuinely loved searching your current blog site posts. In any case We’re registering to ones rss feed exactly what hoping you’re again as soon as possible!

  • I totally agree, intensity & motivation is key to getting what you want, but only if you want it Bad Enough!
    I always go through 3 steps with clients.

    1> What do you want?
    2> Do you believe in yourself and the product or service, with out believing you can not get past this level.
    3> No Matter What, you will make it happen!
    Probably the best example are people in professional sports/Olympics with prosthetics. They simply wanted Bad enough and No Matter what made it happen.

    *And in the end to get somewhere you have never been, you must do something you have never done! Thank you.

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