Underground Kettlebell Seminar

I took part in an excellent Kellebell Seminar at Zach Even Esh’s Underground Strength Gym down in Edison, NJ.  The Seminar was run by Coach Steve Rizzo who is certified through IKFF and he taught us some excellent circuits in addition to the basics.  I have used Kettlebells in the past and I plan on doing an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification), but I needed a nice overview of the basics and Zach came through by providing exactly what I was looking for.

The seminar lasted 3 hours and it went by very quickly.

Warm Up:
Squat x 10
Lunge x 5/side
Push Up x 10
Band Pull Aparts x 25
Any Abs

Kettlebell Carries:

Deadlift, 1 arm Deadlift
Swing, 1 arm Swing
1 arm Clean
1 arm Press / Push Press
1 arm Clean & Press
Goblet Squat
Goblet Lunge (Forward, Reverse, Walking)
1 arm Rack Lunge (Forward, Reverse, Walking)
2 hand High Pull, 1 arm High Pull
1 arm Snatch
1 arm Snatch & Press
1 arm Row, Double KB Row, Seesaw Row
Double KB Clean, Double KB Clean & Press, Seesaw Press
Double KB Squat, Double KB Lunge

KB Circuits:
We did 3 circuits at the end and each was a variation of the following exercises, 8-10 reps:
Lunges, Rows, High Pulls, Snatches, Carries (suitcase, overhead, rack)

I had an awesome time learning about Kettlebells, checking out Zach’s Underground Strength Gym and making great contacts with other Strength Coaches from the Tri-State area.

To Learn more about Zach Even Esh’s Underground Strength Gym: click here




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